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"We had an outstanding experience with Juniper Tree Midwifery. It was clear from the beginning that Juniper is truly in her element. She helped me feel completely comfortable and relaxed in my home; I knew that I was being cared for with utmost concern for my baby's safety, as well as my own. I couldn't imagine a better birthing experience, it was simply perfect."

(2nd Baby With Juniper Tree Midwifery)

My heart is full! Many thanks to Juniper and her team for a wonderful birthing experience. We welcomed our second daughter in July - I couldn’t have asked for better support and encouragement along the way. After our first experience with Juniper in 2016, there was no question we would go back to her for our second. I full heartedly recommend Juniper Tree Midwifery for a safe and natural home birth experience!


My husband and I were very fortunate to have Juniper as our midwife. She’s more than informational, kind and very professional. Always making sure we understood what she was explaining and has the cutest diagrams to help visualize as well! I felt like I had about 1.3 million questions for her, and some I probably asked more than once. Never did I feel like a silly question was a dumb question.

I had always dreamed of doing a home water birth, and she made that possible. Going above and beyond for our family. When I was battling preterm labor in the hospital, she was there right by my side. Thankfully my little one stayed in, and I had the best birth experience when it was time. It was fast and furious, yet she helped keep me calm and collected. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Juniper, we all love you!



I was so pleased with juniper and her quality of care! Not only did I have the best midwife but I also gained a friend! She was so professional and caring from day one until I birthed my baby! If you are looking for a personal experience then I would highly recommend juniper! Her midwife in training Susan is also a wonderful lady! So kind and caring! Great team of women to help welcome a baby into the world .



Juniper was an amazing midwife for the birth of my third child. She was so knowledgeable, and was happy to answer all the crazy questions my husband and kiddos asked during our prenatal appointments. She seemed to love to help educate us. (Even though my first two kids were also in non-hospital birth centers with midwives, there is always something more to learn, and she had some cool educational props!) Juniper was the perfect blend of firm no-nonsense and warm fuzzy support during the actual birth. She knew when to get involved and when to stay back. When she directs that thousand watt smile at you, you know you can do anything. She was awesome!! I'd highly recommend her.



So you hear "Midwife" for the first time and suddenly you're thinking of witches and black cats. After all, everyone knows babies are born in hospitals, right? Not so, as it turns out. To begin, Juniper is not a witch. Secondly, she is open to what you want, so no lying or misleading and implying hospitals are useless; she tried to make sure we were well informed at every decision. Sadly, due to complications, we had to abandon the home birth, but Juniper stayed with us every step of the way. Should the occasion arise again, we'll go with Juniper!





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